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 'An actress at heart. A vocalist in life'. That is how Sevine describes herself. Chantal Goya, Broadway musicals, Louis de Funes movies and Charles Aznavour were some of her unsuspecting childhood friends and educators who would influence the adult performer she had set out to become.


Growing up, she wasted no time honing her vocal skills, snatching lead acting and singing roles in successful musicals in lebanon ('Les Miserables', dir. Edgar Aoun - 1999, 'Imperfections', dir. Nicole Katul - 2004), and collaborating with renowned musicians and producers in the region as well as lending her voice to charitable organizations and NGO's (Jean-Marie Riachi, Music Hall, Elefteriades productions, Heartbeat, la Chaine de l'Espoir, BETA - Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Bassma NGO).


In 2010, commissioned by the Mission Culturelle Francaise of Saida, Sevine wrote, directed and performed in Le Monde des Grands - her first one-woman show in tribute to classic French chanson.

2013 to 2015 saw Sevine working with various Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha resident musicians such as Dominick Farinacci, Richard D. Johnson, Takeshi Ohbayashi, Ulysses Owens, Christian Tamburr and Jerry Weldon to name a few. Her work at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha led her to meeting and collaborating with Emoción, a tango-inspired fusion ensemble founded by members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. Sevine is now Emoción's lead vocalist.  


Jazz, French chanson, dusty theater stages and circus music are all defining elements of Sevine's artistic world. Her original compostions paint a mix of Toulouse Lautrec drawings, Baz Lurhmann colors and motions, all at the beat of a second line funeral march in New orleans at the start of the 20th century.

In early 2016, Sevine recorded her debut album - Je Grandis - in Studios ICP (Brussels) under the musical direction of Mike Massy.

Following the success and press attention garnered by the debut single and video Ana Mech Fenneneh ('I'm not a bimbo'), Je Grandis was released in November 2016.

It has since been picked by iTunes Middle East as feature album for the month of November ‘16, in addition to being played on Radio Nostalgie Liban airwaves. It is also featured on 7 different playlists on Anghami (the number 1 music streaming app in the Middle East).


In early 2018, Sevine moved to Barcelona where she is currently working on the first season of Sev & The City, a web series aimed at showcasing the best of Barcelona's talent - with a focus on the independent musician scene.


In conjunction with the current production of the series, the vocalist has started laying the groundwork for her upcoming projects and line ups. You will typically run into Sevine at one of the various jam sessions that are always taking place all over the city, as she carefully chooses her upcoming band and project members.



"Sevine always gives 110%, and brings out her deepest emotions in every song she sings."
    - Dominick Farinacci: Global Music Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center


"It cannot be denied, Sevine puts all of her heart into what she does!"
    -  Richard D. Johnson M.M. & A.D.  Music Professor Wisconsin

“We have been playing jazz in Doha for over 10 years and the arrival of Sevine has been a breath of fresh air. Her sultry voice and mastery of jazz standards, bossa nova and delicate ballads never fail to engage her audience. She has a huge musical presence and a joy to work with on and off the stage.”

- Chris Coull: trumpet player & founder of Doha Jazz

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