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‘It doesn’t matter where you are from,where you live, or what you consider to be your ‘home’ or roots. At the end of the day, we all connect through stories and songs of love, loss, and the struggle of being human’. - Sevine Abi Aad.


Created by Yanis Josephine and Sevine Abi Aad, Sev & The City is more than a vlog or a documentary. The series aims at showcasing the best of Barcelona's music and arts scene through the subjective eye of a fellow musician  - Sevine. 


A firm believer in cultural crossroads that lead to some of the deepest and most meaningful human and artistic encounters, Sevine is discovering the city’s music scene and melting pot in her own personal way. As an artist and a story teller, she draws her inspiration from personal encounters with musicians, artists and individuals who share a love of music, life and truth.


True to Aymée Hamon and Yanis Josephine’s aesthetic, the visual identity of Sev & The City keeps the music and the craft in the foreground. Aymée Hamon’s artistic sensitivity and understanding of the art of making music make sure the lens captures the essence of these encounters. 


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