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  • Sevine Abi Aad

Lina León - Flutist, composer, Wonder Woman

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

I have always been fascinated by Alpha females. Women who have tremendous presence, authority, talent, and who just seem to exude substance, depth, sex appeal and are simply magnetic with every fiber of their being.

Lina León is definitely one such an Alpha female with whom I found something of an unspoken understanding of how we view the world.

I met Lina León at a Brazilian jam session a few weeks ago, and I remember thinking how much fire surrounded her presence on stage. She had this Wonder Woman vibe going on with her fierce black curls and piercing brown eyes. She was so charismatic in the way she held her flute, as if in communion with her instrument, literally breathing life into each song she was invited to take part in. I was sold from the start, before I even knew she composed her own music.

Lina León is one of those souls that seem to carry this nurturing and wise yet sensual quality about them. She works with teenagers and youngsters, but she also has everything of a vampy seductress in every sense of the word.

She takes 2 hours a week, just to be with herself, her own body, her own mind, nurturing both her physical needs as well as her creative ones. A very energetic type of meditation all in motion and sound...

I hold great admiration for artists who aspire to get there. To that place of total alineation of mind, body and creativity. The idea of claiming and occupying your own space, a space which you are entitled to, both mentally and physically...

We spoke of that notion, Lina and I, and of so many beautiful untouchable things, fleeting thoughts and bits of life experiences, all fleeting. Like our youth, our hair color, our inexperienced cockiness as young artists ready to take on the world... artists once rigid and classically shaped who have learned to break free and play outside the lines...

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