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Laura Aguirre - Mother Earth, sea, salt and light

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

The first thing you notice about Laura Aguirre is how tall and graceful she is. A porcelain complexion - and this is where *gasp* you will actually see how superficial I can be and who my real beauty ideals are - I thought she was a mix between Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore (how amazing was she in ‘Magnolia', though? - but I digress) a rare and genuine kindness in her eyes and light beaming from within. And then there is that voice! That earthly, tremendously warm voice - both spoken and sung…

This lady’s aura seems to radiate from a deeply grounded, rooted place beneath, her hand reaching far up and beyond. We all seemed to gravitate towards her, as she got ready to showcase some of her latest work with guitarist and composer Pablo Massera at Gracia Artist Residence.

In one of the songs in this episode, you will hear Laura’s words

’Y asi fue que en el mar me convertí’ (And just like that, I became the sea’)

- which, in the most serendipitous of circumstances, I relate to this poet I discovered a couple days ago - Nayyirah Waheed - whose words mirror Laura’s perfectly:

‘how does the sea remember me. every time’….

Laura seems to identify greatly with the water element. I see her as a tall, lean female amazonian tree, if trees actually had genders…

I was a little awestruck. During our interview, we talked a lot about the duality within each of us. This very ‘biological’, organic earthly relationship to the world around us, to our own beliefs and values.

And this ‘eso’, this unpalpable ‘thing’ our consciousness is always on the verge of touching, always evading us, always just beyond our reach.

She talks about the word ‘esto’ (‘this’) hiding or cradling the word ‘eso’ (‘that’).

If ‘that’, is in fact, hidden inside ‘this’, then we all hold, cradle and nurture an ‘eso’ part of ourselves, a light - maybe a beacon - that we can hold with our bare hands without getting burned. How beautiful it is to have someone so generously open up their heart and let you borrow some of that light when you are so desperately searching for yours…

It’s even in her name - ‘Laura’, which contains the word ‘aura’. I researched the origin of that word, and - I think it’s no coincidence - it turns out ‘aura’ means both breeze and breath in ancient Greek.

And because everything points to the spherical karmic wheel of life/fortune/cycle of life and death - whatever you may wanna call it - if you listen to her second song in the video, pay attention to the lyrics (I hope I got them right)…

‘Y de (te) canto desde aquí/ ven, ven Venus’.

Either way, it could mean ‘I sing to you from here / I sing from here. Come / come see Venus’.

Maybe Laura is a living reincarnation of one of the most famous Greek goddesses, and the planet of love all at the same time. And you still wonder if there is 'something bigger' out there connecting us all over this universe?

Laura Aguirre sings on a 432 Hz frequency (the standard is 440 or 442 Hz) which is said to be the universe’s natural frequency.

‘Lo intocable se puede tocar’ - she says.

I like to believe she is right…

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