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Chérie B is Sevine's latest project with Swiss pianist Gilles Estoppey. The pair met at one of Barcelona's popular jam sessions and became fast friends as they   found a common ground in their nostalgia of French songs they grew up listening to.

As true children of the 80's and 90's, Chérie B's idea is to create a mood whereby the listener is taken back to that era. 


Think Jean-Jacques Goldman, Véronique Sanson, Johnny Hallyday, Celine Dion, Serge Gainsbourg..


But since they dislike fitting into a mold, the pair have also incorporated some more contemporary songs by Carla Bruni, Stacey Kent, Zâz, Florent Pagny as well as some crowd favorites (Piaf, Aznavour, Brel..).


Their sound is intimate, minimalistic, and reminiscent of what a famous French radio station (Chérie FM) might play - hence the name 'Chérie B'.


Expect to feel like you got stuck in your parents' attic in the French (or Swiss?) countryside with nothing but their vinyls and - luckily - a turntable that works! 

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