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AL SUCAR is a musical journey that paints a sensory experience of an exotic Middle Eatsern world that exists only in Lebanese vocalist Sevine’s memories, and the artistic sensitivity and imagintion of French pianist Melodie Gimard. 


The 2 ladies share a mutual interest in the music of the Middle East as one tries to hold on to her roots on a foreign land, and the other tries to reconnect with an anterior life she might have lived in that part of the world.


Their sound truly reflects their distinct identities as Sevine brings her Western jazz and chanson influences into her renditions of Fairuz and Abdel Halim whereas Melodie, with her fiery flamenco and classical background, manages to take the pieces to new unchartered territories.  


For their first public performance, they will be joined by virtuoso percussionist Albert Enkaminanko who they hope to bring on board as a full time member. Albert’s genius sense of rhythm and exhaustive knowledge of Middle Eastern music is sure to bring that Arabic swing flavor they’ve been searching for. 







Al Sucar es un viaje musical que dibuja una trayectoria hasta el Medio Oriente que sólo existe en los recuerdos de la vocalista libanesa Sevine Music y en la imaginación de la pianista francesa Mélodie Gimard.

Al Sucar plasma el interés mutuo en la música de Medio Oriente reflejando al mismo tiempo ambas identidades, ya que Sevine aporta su jazz occidental, mientras que Melodie, trae su trasfondo clásico y un ardiente flamenco.

Recientemanete, el duo ha integrado a su formación el virtuoso percusionista oriental Albert Enkaminanko y esperan seguir su viaje con sus influencias tan Balkanicas como Arabes.

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